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Burial Services

In the days of past, it was typical to have a visitation for the deceased for a number of days before the funeral. It provided an opportunity in a setting to gather family and friends to reflect on a life that has been lived. That tradition still holds true today.

The traditional funeral today typically consists of your loved one present in a casket, with a one-day (or more) visitation with a funeral Service or Mass the next day.  A procession and committal service at the cemetery will then follow.

A traditional funeral may also mean, the deceased is previously cremated and their cremains (ashes) are present in an urn for the visitation, followed by a Service or Mass with a procession and Committal Service at the cemetery.

Our team assists all families no matter their faith, customs, or traditions. We welcome all denominations and we treat everyone with the same respect and compassion that they deserve.


Personalizing a visitation provides an opportunity to make the occasion as individual as the person being remembered. The process of personalizing can help bring closure to the survivors by allowing them to focus on happier times, while sharing memories and experiences they have treasured.

Displaying photographs, examples of hobbies, trophies, or awards can be a welcomed sight for family and friends attending the service.

We will discuss your thoughts and assist you with ordering or scheduling the following:

  • Clergy representation
  • Flowers
  • Audio/Visual and Slide show capabilities 
  • Organist, bagpiper, or other musical accompaniment
  • Register books
  • Prayer cards/Memorial folders
  • Urn selection
  • Easels, lectern, or kneeler
  • Special Farewell Release Options
  • Catering


The visitation staging will be based on our initial meeting with the family. Slide shows, home movies (for acceptable formats, please see our A/V Guidelines), flower pieces, mementos, prayer cards, register book, photos, and music can be shared with your guests to celebrate the life of your loved one.

Traditionally, when there is a casket with your loved one present, the deceased is shown in a suit, dress, or their favorite attire. Often family will request special treasures to be placed along with their loved one. Items of sentimental value (wedding ring, jewelry, etc.) can remain or may be removed at the family’s request prior to the casket being closed.

During the visitation, we have a lounge so that one can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. (For acceptable beverage or food items, please see our Lounge Policy.)

At the end of the evening, a member of the decedent’s church, military or club membership can conduct a service or presentation at the end of the visitation if so desired.

(Not sure what to say or how to say it, please refer to Funeral Etiquette)

Funeral Service

On the day of the funeral, the funeral director will attend to the ceremonial and logistical details. He coordinates the pallbearers, the procession route to the church (if applicable) passing your loved one’s home (if requested) to the cemetery for the chapel or graveside service. At that time, a clergy member or the funeral director will perform a committal service before your loved one is laid to rest. A designated family member may also contribute to honoring their loved one with a tribute/eulogy or prayer service. Military honors or special releases (doves, balloons and butterflies) can also be conducted at this time.

By having a funeral, it is a way to bring caring people together, to grieve, lend support, reminisce, and say goodbye. This process although difficult, is meant to help our families and friends start the healing process.

Once the committal service has concluded, it is customary to proceed to a funeral luncheon. At Hitzeman Funeral Home Ltd., we offer a selection of local Restaurants in the vicinity of the family cemetery. Menus are available and we will make the reservation for the family.

Private Service

This service is by invitation only and may be held at Hitzeman Funeral Home, Ltd., a place of worship or the cemetery. Usually, selected relatives and a few close friends attend the funeral service. It is solely up to the discretion of the family to request a private service or interment. Due to personal confidentiality, there will be no additional information provided, including names, addresses/phone numbers, or cause of death from outside inquiries. 

Direct Burial

Immediate burials can be arranged without a visitation or a funeral service. There are a number of administrative signatures and permits that need to be completed before the burial (as with a traditional funeral with full services).

Once all the paperwork is in order, we will place your loved one in a casket of your choice and take the deceased to the cemetery for interment.

Flowers, prayer cards, and other merchandise can be ordered if the family desires.

Graveside Service

Some families would like to have a committal service at their loved one’s graveside before they are laid to rest. A member of the clergy, a family member, or a funeral director can preside over this occasion.

We look forward to discussing your wishes; whether it be TraditionalCremation or Memorial Service/Memorial Mass. We are here to serve our community and the families within.