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Cremation Services

Although cremations have been available for years, many families may not be aware of all their options. The rational varies as to why one chooses cremation. Some think it is ecologically sound or some families are separated by distance and may wish to inter the cremains individually. Whatever the reason, Hitzeman Funeral Home, Ltd., can assist you with exploring the right option for you and your loved ones. There are a number of administrative signatures and permits that need to be completed prior to the cremation. 

Funeral Services with Cremation

As with a traditional funeral, you may choose to have a visitation where your loved one is present in a casket and a funeral service or Funeral Mass to follow.

There are many choices when it comes to cremation caskets. We can assist you with ordering the casket that best suits your personal needs. We also have an oak (hardwood) rental casket for the visitation and funeral available.

Once the services are completed at our funeral home or your church, we will take your loved one to the crematory. When the service/Mass has concluded, it is customary to proceed to a funeral luncheon. At Hitzeman Funeral Home, Ltd., we offer a selection of local restaurants in the vicinity of the family cemetery. Menus are available and we will make the reservation for the family.

If a full funeral is not something your family can emotionally manage at this time, you may wish to have a Memorial Service or Mass after the cremation. An urn is not present at a Memorial Service/Memorial Mass.

Personalize Cremations

Whether you choose a visitation the night before or same day, personalizing your services is a great way to pay tribute to your loved one. This is your opportunity to share what he/she meant to you throughout your lifetime together. For how to personalize your services.

Urn Carrier

The urn carrier is relatively new to the industry. It was designed to provide the family a dignified way to carry the cremated remains of a loved one after the funeral service and to their final resting place. To learn more about the Urn Carrier and how it elevates your services.


Urns range from decorative for display, scattering or for ground burial. Whichever you choose for your loved one’s final resting place, there are a number of Urns to choose from.

Direct Cremation

Immediate cremations can be arranged without a visitation or a funeral service. There are a number of administrative signatures and permits that need to be completed prior to the cremation (as with a cremation with full services).

Once all the paperwork is in order, we will place your loved one in a standard cremation container and take the deceased to the crematory.

Within a few days, your loved one’s cremains (ashes) will be placed in a standard crematory urn. One of the funeral home staff will pick up the cremains along with certification. We will contact the person authorized to accept the cremains. If you choose an urn, urn mementoes, or jewelry we will distribute the cremains accordingly. Whatever selection you make, we will treat your loved one with respect and care. Urns, urn mementos, and cremation jewelry can be ordered if the family desires.

Interment Private

It is solely up to the discretion of the family to request a private (no information is to be provided) service or interment of cremains. Due to personal confidentiality, there will be no additional information provided, including names, addresses/phone numbers, cemetery location, date of death, or cause of death from outside inquires. If the family requested a death notice on our website or in the newspaper, no further information will be provided.

Burial of Cremains

There is a statute in the state of Illinois. If the responsible party/recipient of the cremains has them in his/her possession, he/she must inform the funeral director if the cremains are to be buried in an Illinois cemetery. Under state law, a licensee (or a representative from the funeral home) must be present at the final place of disposition for any decedent in which they have, “Been engaged (contracted) to provide funeral or embalming service.”

At Hitzeman Funeral Home, Ltd., we can schedule the inurnment, scattering or burial at the family cemetery location. We will provide a brief committal service (if requested) before the disposition.

The certification of cremation and the burial permit are required in order to proceed with a burial or inurnment.