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Celebration Packages

Our highest priority is maintaining the respect of the families we serve and the dignity of your loved one. We will continue to offer Traditional Services (Visitation/Funeral Service/Mass) along with Cremation and Memorial Service Options we are embracing the sign of the times.

We are offering families who would like to have an alternative way to commemorate their loved ones during the visitation with a Celebration Package. A Celebration Package consists of Adult Beverages and Catering.

Any Food and Beverage packages are optionalL and are offered as many families request these services. An old fashion “Irish Wake” as some families have commented, makes the visitation day centered on the celebration of the life that was lived.

To the best of our knowledge, there are only two Funeral Homes in the State of Illinois with a valid liquor license and offer a full bar accompaniment. Hitzeman Funeral Home is the ONLY funeral home in the Brookfield, LaGrange Park, LaGrange, Western Springs, Riverside, North Riverside, Berwyn, Countryside, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, Willowbrook and neighboring communities that offer such a service.

All Celebration Packages include a professional bartender / attendant / setup fee and can be scaled based on utilization or desire.

All beverage packages come with a Cheese, Sandwich, Veggie, Fruit and Cookie Trays. We can tailor from simply soft drinks to a full array of beer, wines and spirits. We will also provide fresh flower vases to tie everything together to elegantly compliment the family pieces in the refreshment area.

Beyond the typical packages, custom arrangements can be made at any time.
*no tipping required or expected

Please note: Different Beer & Spirit options are available, cost may vary. Must be 21 or older for consuming adult beverages (see lounge policy for details).